The role of a digital shopping assistant in physical stores
By: Frank Krug
Posted: 2020 Jul 02
Online shoppers have come to expect that during their shopping experience, retailers are leveraging specific insights, past purchase behaviors, product reviews and loyalty program data, resulting in curated product recommendations that are relevant to their needs, wants and taste. Specifically, the...
Partnerships over Acquisitions:
By: Tracy Nguyen
Posted: 2020 Jun 24
Walmart’s e-commerce business grew by 74% in the first quarter, solidifying the company as the second-largest e-commerce platform in the U.S., trailing only Amazon. According to eMarketer, Amazon still holds the lead at 38.7% of the U.S. e-commerce market, while...
Is Facebook Headed For an End-to-End Commerce Solution?
By: Andy Perez
Posted: 2020 Jun 17
Many small and medium-size business owners found themselves stuck when governmental orders mandated that non-essential businesses close their doors to slow the spread of Coronavirus. It left business owners scrambling for ways to conduct sales online to keep their businesses...
The Digital Big 3 Play the Commerce Game
By: Joe List
Posted: 2020 Jun 10
Since its inception in the early 1990s, digital marketing has had periods where one or two platforms dominated the space and it was imperative that advertisers be seen activating in the spaces. More recently Facebook and Google cornered the market...
A Watershed Moment: Part III
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2020 May 28
This is the third installment in an ongoing Velocity Commerce Group series that examines the impact COVID-19 is having on the future of online grocery.   Let there be no mistake, Walmart Grocery is in the process of changing the way people...
Boost Sales with Amazon Global Selling
By: Becca Kuo
Posted: 2020 May 21
Amazon has launched retail operations in many international markets over the years. As of today, Amazon has 16 marketplaces worldwide, 14 of which allow third-party sellers to list and sell products. The online retail giant also has a digital retail...
Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads
By: Josh Allison
Posted: 2020 May 14
Brands are recognizing the importance this sponsored ad unit offers from an awareness play, across catalog offerings; so much so that Amazon has rolled out updates that build off of that success. These updates allow brands to have greater control and...
Amazon Quickly Rolls Out New Features During Lockdown
By: Christa Klausner
Posted: 2020 May 05
Amazon recently has added new features and functionality to their site to continue to adapt to consumers’ shopping behaviors and preferences during this time as consumers are required to shop from, and spend more time at, home. Amazon’s new additions...
Google Shopping For The Win!
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2020 Apr 29
Amidst the current situation in the world, with people staying at home, Google has accelerated its plans of making Google Shopping more available to the masses as of April 27th. In the past, Google shopping was a pay-to-play platform, where...
Walmart vs. Amazon
By: Tracy Nguyen
Posted: 2020 Apr 22
It has been interesting the past several years watching two behemoths, Amazon and Walmart, battling it out to see who will dominate in global retail. In the last decade, Amazon saw rapid growth in its online business, while Walmart has...
Companies Pivot to Respond to Coronavirus
By: Frank Krug
Posted: 2020 Apr 16
The Coronavirus outbreak suddenly and drastically changed consumer spending, most notably in Brick and Mortar, as well as a monumental shift in how consumers spend and rely on e-commerce. As consumers are trying to process the impact of the pandemic, their...
Grocery Ecommerce:
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2020 Apr 09
Hypothesis: Back on March 17th, I wrote that grocery ecommerce was experiencing a watershed moment based on a couple of weeks of data and only a few days after nation-wide shelter-in-place guidelines were issued. There has been some debate as to...
The Reality of Social Commerce Comes Into Focus
By: Andy Perez
Posted: 2020 Apr 01
Social commerce is likely to receive an unanticipated boost as the Coronavirus creates an unprecedented amount of change in consumer shopping behavior. For years, social platforms have tried to crack the code in turning its users into shoppers directly within...
Big Tech, Digital Commerce and Data Privacy
By: Joe List
Posted: 2020 Mar 25
With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have increasingly relied on tech to not only work from home, but to also remain connected with friends and loved ones. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that marketers and brands...
A Watershed Moment
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2020 Mar 17
We are living in challenging and unprecedented times, as we learn more about COVID-19 each day, and its global presence. No amount of additional context related to health considerations or staying safe from us here at Velocity Commerce Group can...
Four new Amazon tools
By: Becca Kuo
Posted: 2020 Mar 10
Amazon has been improving their offering on Vendor Central & Seller Central. They’ve introduced new features to help brands engage shoppers through product detail page in a more effective way. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of new...
Amazon’s new Sponsored Display (beta)
By: Josh Allison
Posted: 2020 Mar 06
Want to supercharge your Amazon marketing strategy, increase brand awareness and maximize sales? With the launch of Amazon’s new Sponsored Display (beta), registered vendors & sellers can now reach customers on and off Amazon, all with one marketing solution. Previously, Amazon’s...
Rental’s Effect on Commerce
By: Christa Klausner
Posted: 2020 Feb 28
One of the biggest trends coming out of Shoptalk 2019 was the growth of the rental economy. The combination of options and the shift in life stages are fueling the rental economy in ways that we have never seen before....
Double down on Amazon Stores for Valentine’s day!
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2020 Feb 12
It’s no secret that Amazon is investing heavily in brand “Stores” in 2020. Stores are Amazon’s answer to keeping customers within the platform, but allowing customers to get a peek of your brand’s assortment in your brands voice, rather...
Amazon Smashes Earning Estimates
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2020 Jan 31
Amazon reported record-breaking numbers last night and beat all expectations across all major categories. The negative narrative going into the quarter suggested that one-day shipping would cost Amazon on the bottom line. However, with a shortened holiday season, it appears...
CES 2020
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2020 Jan 13
Another CES is in the books. You will probably read, hear and see a lot of CES recaps covering a broad array of techy topics from this year’s show. There were rotating TVs, flying taxis, pillows that help stop snoring,...
Amazon sales are set to soar on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Nov 11
For Amazon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest, and most important sales events of the year. Every holiday season Amazon reaches a new sales milestone, with Amazon reporting $72.4 billion in sales in Q4 2018 alone....
Velocity Commerce Group Launches S2 CommerceView
By: PR Newswire
Posted: 2019 Sep 13
CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP (VCG), a TPN digital commerce consultancy, announced today that it has released S2 CommerceView, an online diagnostic tool that helps manufacturers address pain points that are hindering its performance selling on...
Prime Day Results
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Jul 23
This year’s Prime Day was the biggest sales event in Amazon’s history. During the 48-hour event, Prime members bought a staggering 175 million items, surpassing the online retailer’s 2018 sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Prime members worldwide saved...
Prime Day
Will your brand win Amazon Prime Day?
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Jul 12
For the first time, Amazon Prime Day will be two days—July 15 and July 16—positioning itself to be the most profitable event in the company’s history. Prime Day started in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday, and each year it...
Who Needs a Dash Button?
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2019 Mar 18
You may have heard that Amazon announced that it discontinued its Dash button. You may remember the Dash—that quirky little button with a brand’s logo that consumers placed in “convenient” locations throughout their homes was Amazon’s first major entry into distributed...
How strong is your Amazon ‘health?’
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Feb 21
To secure a mortgage, prospective homeowners need to prove their creditworthiness and financial health with a strong FICO score. A FICO score is the three-digit number based on one’s credit reports that help creditors assess how likely one can repay...
Amazon’s Sampling Program
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Feb 04
It was only a matter of time before Amazon focused on a sampling program. The company has one of the world’s most comprehensive customer-targeting ability on the planet through its customer data profiles, as well as one of the most...
CES 2019
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2019 Jan 22
Last week, Las Vegas was the center of the digital universe, as The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held. Every year, we see astonishing new technology meant to change the lives of people and provide brands new ways to engage with...
Making Whole Foods and Amazon Truly Whole?
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Jan 19
When you work for Amazon, you rely on two decision-making maxims for everything you do. First, you must test and gather data. Second, you must make decisions based on that data. With the recent announcement that Amazon will expand Whole Foods reach and...
Identify the Right Business Model and Fulfillment Strategy for Amazon
By: Christa Klausner
Posted: 2019 Jan 16
As you can imagine, there are many pros and cons to consider when identifying the right fulfillment strategy on Amazon.  There may not be a right or wrong answer, but each brand has a “best answer” scenario: As a 1P (first-party) Vendor,...
I resolve to sell my product on Amazon in 2019
By: Christa Klausner
Posted: 2019 Jan 02
Is launching your product on Amazon on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Or is optimizing your brand’s presence on Amazon part of your 2019 eCommerce road map? If not, it should be. According to eMarketer, Amazon’s online sales grew nearly...
Amazon’s Customer-centric Evolution
By: Rami Odeh
Posted: 2019 Jan 02
We already know Amazon is a customer-centric company, and quite possibly the most customer-centric company in modern day history. Amazon prides itself on focusing on the customer—period. But even now, the company is evolving into something…more. Recent changes and announcements from...
“TALK” About a Busy Holiday Shopping Season!
By: Joe Scartz
Posted: 2018 Dec 18
We are already anticipating the largest digital commerce holiday shopping season of all time this year. Digital Commerce is set to account for $123.73 million out of the roughly $1 trillion dollars that will spend this holiday season at retail,...
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