Amazon sales are set to soar on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.
Are yours?
2019 Nov 11
Rami Odeh

For Amazon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest, and most important sales events of the year. Every holiday season Amazon reaches a new sales milestone, with Amazon reporting $72.4 billion in sales in Q4 2018 alone. This gives Amazon sellers a huge opportunity to tap into this record-breaking volume and boost their bottom lines.

Is your Amazon business ready to get piece of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday pie? At Velocity Commerce Group (VCG), TPN’s Digital Consultancy, we’ve created S2 CommerceView, an online diagnostic tool that provides a comprehensive look at a product’s performance on Amazon. It allows us to identify weaknesses and determine how brands can boost awareness, sales and search activity on the ecommerce giant.

Here are a few of the elements we recommend analyzing and optimizing:

Creative Assets
Are your product detail pages easy to understand? Do you display images that inspire? And offer enhanced content that’s mobile optimized? Ensure your creative assets are clear, well-thought out and focused on product benefits so you get the biggest ROI.

Search Engine Optimization
Customers can only find your products if you use the most-targeted, high-volume keywords. That’s why reviewing your product titles, bullet points, product descriptions and backend search terms to bring more shoppers to your page is essential.

Inventory Management
Needless-to-say, without enough inventory, you can’t make the most of Amazon’s holiday shopping rush. Check your sales history, supply chain and other factors, to help you properly forecast and manage your inventory needs to ensure Amazon has enough on-hand supply.

Merchandising Strategy
Focusing on the right, top-selling products, and promoting them at peak times, can help build success. Make sure your marketing plan is well-designed and competitive to ensure you reach your brand’s audience effectively.

3rd Party Sellers
Especially during the holidays, you don’t want unapproved 3rd party sellers stealing your business, or tarnishing your name. Stop counterfeiters, fix supply chain gaps and check coupons in the marketplace to prevent retail arbitrage.

These are just some of the foundational elements that can give your products huge upside potential on Amazon. With S2 CommerceView, VCG can see any pitfalls and resolve them with solutions that can improve revenue and visibility, helping your business grow during the holidays and beyond.

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