Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads
Saw Significant Growth YOY, Over 100%!
2020 May 14
Josh Allison

Brands are recognizing the importance this sponsored ad unit offers from an awareness play, across catalog offerings; so much so that Amazon has rolled out updates that build off of that success.

These updates allow brands to have greater control and flexibility with creative, placements and increased ROAS.

Let’s break down the updates:


1) In-flight creative edits to your logos, headline CTA and product-sponsored brand ads

    a. Previously, brands had to launch a separate or new sponsored brand campaign to A/B test, change or update the CTA or the products featured. It could take weeks to build relevancy and ranking to ramp up to the other performing ads, in order to draw insights.
    b. With the new update, changes can be made in real time with no loss in search share or relevancy. Brands are leveraging the rich historical data their ads currently have.
    c. Advertisers will also have the option to continue delivering the campaign with the previous creative version, while the edited version is reviewed. Once approved, the new version will automatically start being delivered.


2) New ad placements now included on product detail pages

    a. Advertisers can choose automated bidding across placements or adapt a specific bid for product detail pages and bottom of search placements. This new ad placement on the detail page has an ROAS 2-3 times higher than below the search bar (on average). This provides brands a way to retain SOV not only in SERP, but on their own detail pages.


3) Sponsored brands video ads

    a. Sponsored Brands video ads (SBV) appear in both desktop and mobile shopping results and help customers discover your brand and products as they shop on Amazon. Ads are keyword targeted, by cost-per-click, and link customers directly to the product detail page where they can learn more and purchase.

    b. Adding SBV’s is a great way to engage consumers through a unique and new format: scroll stop a shopper, get their attention and have them quickly learn about your product.
    • i. SBV requirements: 1280×720 (or larger resolution) video for SBV, A video with at least 13 seconds in length, Isolated audio tracks
    • ii. Target only one ASIN (product)
    • iii. Cannot link to brand store
    • iv. Keyword targeted



4) The SBV ads are currently in beta and available to certain vendors and sellers but have no fear, Amazon generally rolls out to all after their beta trial period.


5) We highly encourage brands included in the beta to begin testing as soon as possible to gain insights and learnings. Amazon has begun to pull back the essential categories and advertising continues to increase.

So where do Amazon sellers start? Velocity Commerce Group can help you identify areas of opportunity using our proprietary solutions. We’ll review your Amazon content strategy, competitors, inventory and more to ensure your Sponsored Display strategy achieves success.

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