Amazon’s new Sponsored Display (beta)
Helps brands build success
2020 Mar 06
Josh Allison

Want to supercharge your Amazon marketing strategy, increase brand awareness and maximize sales? With the launch of Amazon’s new Sponsored Display (beta), registered vendors & sellers can now reach customers on and off Amazon, all with one marketing solution.

Previously, Amazon’s DSP (Demand Side Platform) only allowed vendors to advertise off-site using their 3rd party network, a costly solution. Sponsored Display offers a pay-per-click basis for vendors & sellers with a pay-per-impression for Sellers, providing brands with all budget ranges the opportunity to expand their reach and re-market Amazon shoppers, with a more personalized and tiered cost approach.

E-commerce experts, Velocity Commerce Group , TPN’s digital consultancy, believe brands should capitalize on Sponsored Display now. Like all Amazon tools, vendors & sellers should take advantage of having a full quarter to test, learn and optimize their ads before 2020 Amazon Prime Day hits to ensure the highest ROI.

For the best results, brands need to choose their Sponsored Display targeting options wisely. For Display Ads on Amazon, you can target specific products or product categories (similar or complementary to your own) and engage audiences interested in those products. Display Ads off Amazon target audiences who viewed your products or similar products within the last 30 days, but haven’t yet made a purchase.

Velocity Commerce Group recommends leveraging both types of ad units to increase awareness of your brand, especially since the presence of on-platform Display Ads has increased. Recently, Amazon has replaced its organic product suggestions with two sponsored sections, “Sponsored Ads” and “4 Stars and Above,” giving brands more real estate on their branded detail pages as well as competitor pages.

So, where do Amazon sellers start? Velocity Commerce Group can help you identify areas of opportunity using our proprietary solutions. We’ll review your Amazon content strategy, competitors, inventory and more to ensure your Sponsored Display strategy achieves success.

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