Cricket Wireless

As introduced previously, Cricket Wireless was selling their SIM Card Kit on Amazon, but due to increased competition, was looking to improve search rank and drive sales velocity with help from Velocity in 2016.

Based on the initial Amazon Healthscore analysis, we identified SEO, Creative and AMS as immediate areas of opportunity in order to achieve client objectives. We worked with Cricket and our internal Amazon creative team to develop enhanced product images, optimized product detail page copy, enhanced A+ content and a Storefront (as mentioned previously), and most importantly launched an AMS campaign.

After launch of the optimized product detail page content, brand store and AMS campaign, demand increased by 7,000 more units than originally forecasted at project initiation. We continue to track keyword performance, search rank and competitive terms in order to further optimize content and the AMS campaigns.

The sales demand forecast has shown positive results over the life of the campaign, with minor declines as a result of supply chain issues, Amazon demand mis-forecasting and out of stocks. These operational issues have led to Velocity launching a 3P Seller account for Cricket in order for them to maintain a Hybrid (1P/3P) fulfillment model to be able to combat low Amazon forecasting and out-of-stock issues.

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