Oars + Alps

Oars + Alps is a natural, non-toxic premium skin care line with an outdoorsy edge. Velocity began working with the startup in April 2018 to support their first retail product launch on Amazon by acquiring new customers and increasing sales. With no previous brand awareness, when it came to launching the product on Amazon we needed to ensure the product stood out in the highly competitive luxury beauty category.

Prior to launch, Velocity consulted O+A on pertinent go-to-market decisions, beginning with analyzing internal capabilities of the organization and determining that a 1P Vendor fulfillment model was most appropriate for launch. We then conducted a price analysis for negotiated Amazon wholesale costs to ensure maximum profitability and developed an inventory forecast tool to ensure the brand could keep up with projected demand. We also delivered and executed a launch plan, including best-in-class content, SEO, AMS and promotional opportunities to ensure product visibility while leveraging paid tools to eventually drive organic traffic. Based on our strong relationships with Amazon’s product teams, we were able to secure O+A as part of the initial beta test for In-App Video Ads.

Since the initial launch, we utilize our proprietary SKU measuring system, Amazon HealthScore monthly to understand the immediate opportunities that can be addressed to continue to drive traffic and conversion. We continue to drive MoM growth of the brand through content optimization, AMS campaigns and promotional opportunities, while identifying and integrating with appropriate beta opportunities.

The brand saw an impressive and sustained growth rate of 30-50% MoM, with no sign of plateau in the near future, and is now a leader in the luxury beauty category with an average 4+ star rating on Amazon. With these proven results, Oars + Alps has been able to expand distribution to other key retailers, continuing to gain a foothold in their category.

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